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Rules and Regulations- Revised Summer 2018 


  1. All swimmers are required to wash sand off before entering either the wading pool or the main pool. Parents should wash sand off children after they have been in the play area. 
  2. Admission to the pool may be refused to anyone with skin abrasions, colds, coughs, inflamed eyes, infections or wearing bandages. 
  3. Spitting, blowing nose, or chewing gum in the pool is prohibited. 
  4. Use of the wading pool shall be limited to children age 5 and under. They must be under direct supervision of an adult. 
  5. All members, including children shall use the pool and its facilities at their own risk. 
    • Children age 11 and above, may be permitted within the main pool areas unaccompanied by an adult if they have passed the basic pool test that was administered and filed at MSSC, and have submitted written permission from their parents to the office. The basic pool test consists of: treading water for a 2-minute period, floating for a one-minute period, and swimming one length of the pool without stopping. Tests will be given during adult swims under the evaluation of the pool manager or a head lifeguard. 
    • In addition to your own children you may have no more than 3 other children under the age of 5 accompanied by an adult unless previously authorized by the pool staff or pool board. 
  1. No balls, inner tubes, surf mats, metal, wood or plastic toys will be permitted in the pool area. Small inflated plastic water wings or rings will be acceptable in the wading pool only. 
  2. All persons, especially children, are requested to use the toilet facilities before entering the pool. It is the duty of all parents to teach their children bathroom manners and to make them aware the facilities are available at the pool. Diapers worn in the pool must be the type of diapers made especially for swimming. No regular diapers are allowed in the pool. In the event of an accident, the pool staff should be notified immediately. In certain circumstances, the pool may need to be closed for disinfection. 
  3. No glass containers of any kind are allowed inside the pool fence. 
  4. No pets are allowed in the pool enclosure 
  5. No ball playing, or undue disturbances are permitted in the main pool 
  6. No smoking allowed at the pool. This includes e- cigarettes, vaping, “juuling” etc. 
  7. No food or beverage is allowed on the pool deck. Food and beverages should be consumed in the grassy areas. Picnic tables are available for your use. 
  8. The pool may be cleared when deemed necessary for health and safety reasons by the lifeguards on duty.
  9. DIVING WELL: In the diving area, the following rules shall be observed: 
    • Under no circumstances are non-swimmers allowed in the diving area- only those who have passed the “pool test” as stated in Rule 5.a are allowed on the diving boards or in the diving area. 
    • No swimming in front of the diving boards 
    • Only one person allowed on the diving board at a time 
    • No holding onto the diving boards from underneath
    • No excessive springing on the diving board 
    • No diving to the side of the boards. 
  1. SLIDING BOARD: On the sliding board, the following rules must be observed: 
    • Only one person on the steps and the slide at a time 
    • Swimmers must come down the board feet first and sitting upright. 
  1. No running, pushing, acrobatics, wrestling, dunking, unnecessary yelling and screaming, or other undue disturbances, in or about the pool will be allowed. 
  2. WEATHER- STORMS: In the case of severe storms:
    • The pool will be closed immediately, and the swimmers will be required to leave. 
      • THUNDER: In the case of thunder, everyone must exit the pool and remain out of the water for 30 minutes from the last occurrence of thunder. 
      • LIGHTNING: In the case of lightning, everyone must exit the pool area and be outside the fence until 30 minutes after the last occurrence of lightning and/or thunder. 
    • Reopening will be at the discretion of the staff on duty. Swimmers may be allowed to reenter the pools 30 minutes after the last occurrence of lightning and/or thunder has stopped with permission from the pool staff on duty. 
  1. WEATHER- INCLEMENT WEATHER: Pool closing policy:
    • Should the air temperature fall below 65 degrees Fahrenheit, or the pool receives precipitation for more than 30 minutes, the pool will be closed and the staff will be sent home. 
    • However, the staff will remain on call, it will never be assumed the pool will remain closed for the entire day. 


  1. The locker room facilities should be treated as a bathroom in your own home
  2. No loitering in the locker rooms 
  3. No photos (selfies, snapchats, videos) etc. are allowed in the locker rooms at any time 
  4. Please keep locker rooms clean and safe. Problems should be reported to the staff on duty. 


  1. There will be a 15 minutes adult swim time every hour, signaled by the lifeguards. This means all swimmers under the age of 16 will be out of the water. Children are not permitted to sit on the steps during adult swim so that adults can freely enter and exit to the pool.  
  2. Members and guests in automobiles or on bicycles shall DRIVE SLOWLY AND CAREFULLY on driveways and in the parking area. Cars shall be parked in the parking areas. Bicycles must be placed in the designated area. 
  3. All injuries occurring on the premises of Moss Spring Swim Club must be reported immediately to the staff. 
  4. Moss Spring Swim Club is not responsible for loss or damage to personal belongings, bicycles, or automobiles on the premises. 
  5. Lost articles will be returned to the rightful owner upon detailed description being provided. Members should inquire about lost articles as soon as possible. 
  6. The cost of any property damage caused by a member or their guests, may be charged to the responsible member. 
  7. The presence of intoxicated persons or bringing of alcoholic beverages in any form onto the premises is strictly prohibited. 
  8. No abusive language shall be used on the premises 
  9. Waste containers provided must be used for all litter and recycling 
  10. Members are permitted to bring guests into the pool 
    • Current guest fees as posted shall apply. 
    • Members are responsible for informing all guests of the rules and regulations. 
    • Members are responsible for the conduct of their guests. 
    • When a member leaves the pool their guest must also leave. 
      • Children under the age of 16 are not allowed to bring guests under age 11, or be considered the supervising adult for their siblings under age 11 unless accompanied by an adult. 
  1. Loitering around the office area or excessive talking to the employees (lifeguards and office staff) is not permitted. 
  2. No passive life saving devices are permitted in the main pool. Check with the lifeguards or pool manager for clarification. If a child is using a lifesaving device (bubble) an adult simmer must be in the water with them. 
  3. No 4 wheelers, dirt bikes, motorbikes, or snowmobiles are permitted on the property. Licensed motorcycles are the exception. 

Refusal to follow these rules and regulations set by Moss Spring Swim Club or misconduct on pool premises could result in dismissal from Moss Spring Swim Club by the pool staff. This applies to members as well as all guests 

These rules may be revised or additional rules and regulations may be established at anytime by the Board of Directors of the Moss Spring Swim Club 


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