Hours & Guests

Pool Hours: 

Sunday 12:00pm-9:00 pm
Monday*-Saturday 11am-9:00pm
 *limited space between 11am-12pm Monday -Thursday
 *Closed on school nights at 8pm

Moss Spring Swim Club Guest Fees – 2018
All guests must be accompanied by a MSSC Members and must depart when the Member leaves.

Guest pass booklets may be purchased by a members and that member must be present when guest pass is being used.  Guest Pass Booklet: $30.00 for 10 passes

Pool Parties MUST be hosted by a member.
*Groups may qualify as a “Party” and should be pre-approved.
The  pool party form must be  in a minimum of one week before the party date. 

 Please see the Pool Party Contract for further information.

Pool Closing Policies

1. Should the air temperature fall below 65 degrees Fahrenheit; or the pool
receive precipitation for more than 30 minutes, the pool will be closed and the

staff sent home. However, the staff will remain on call…it will never be assumed the pool will be closed for an entire day.

2. In the case of severe storms, the pool will be closed immediately, and

swimmers will be required to leave. In the case of thunder, everyone must get

out and remain out of the pool until 30 minutes after the last occurrence. In the

case of lightening, everyone must be outside the fence until 30 minutes after the

last occurrence of lightening and/or thunder. Reopening will be at the discretion

of the staff. Swimmers will be required to stay out and away from both pools and

remain in grassy areas. Swimmers may be allowed to reenter the pools 30
minutes after thunder and lightening has stopped with the permission of the pool

3. In the case of a severe weather watch (i.e. tornado) we will closing the pool
and asking the members to leave the premises.  This is due to our insurance policy.   

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