Welcome to Moss Spring Swim Club

***This is a seasonal operation, emails and the P.O. Box do not get checked often in the off-season.  Starting May 1st things get done on a more frequent basis***

Moss Springs Swim Club is a privately owned club that has been incorporated since 1965. There are 315 individual deed owners that has kept this club open for families to enjoy for over 50 years! The club operates on annual dues collected each year from the deed holders (membership).

When you join the pool, you will be required to purchase a “deed” (meaning that you are now part owner of the pool) and this allows you to be a full voting member. This deed is your asset and can be sold by you at any time, according to our bylaws. We try to keep dues as low as possible to offer a great value. To meet that goal, we depend on everyone’s involvement. When you purchase a deed to become a member, you are actually buying a share of the pool and become a partial owner of the facility. Because we all have that investment in the club, the facility, and the property, it is the responsibility of us all to participate in upkeep and maintenance. Especially so with the updates and repairs needed to keep the pool an enjoyable place to spend the hot summer days.


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